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Aerial View of neighborhood

A Personal Note From The Owners

If you want to learn more about the town you find a lot of information on Facebook and also the town website.

We have the finest schools to be found in Michigan, lots of churches, a beautiful downtown and a kind and giving attitude. Northville takes care of it's kids and dogs and seniors. There are a lot of all three of these categories..

Most elementary schools are within walking distance, the middle school is completely remodeled and and about three blocks from this house. The high school is huge and well run and has a 0 tolerance for bullying. There is a club or activity for every students' interest. The high school is a short drive from everywhere in the city and the township and is available by bus from virtually anywhere in the district.  The school system is ranked among the top in Michigan. Go to this website to learn more.

D0wntown Northville is also the home of Northville Downs Raceway Fairgrounds - the oldest in Michigan. It is on 48 acres right in the middle of town. It is still racing horses but will be sold at some time and plans are for a new beautiful development with a variety of retail, restaurants, homes, condos, and apartments to complement the victorian atmosphere of the city. As a homeowner of Northville you will have access and input into everything that is planned and eventually passed. There will be walking and biking paths, a daylighted river, (a river that has been covered for 50 years but will be opened back up), a lovely park, and many more things. There will be a new Farmer's Market within a year or two that is planned as part of the development of the race track property


You will  love Northville and the location of this home.  This home has been in our family for 65 years. It's unique and one of a kind. It is well-built and solid and stands straight and tall. Why are you moving, you ask. It's time for us to downsize but we aren't going very far. We bought a ranch condo just a few blocks from Randolph Street.

Thank you for visiting our website. Call or text us for more information or to have a look. You will be texting or speaking with the owner.

Thank you.

Gerald and Gail LeVan

 Call or Text 2482103345



Thank You!

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